Nature, Health, and the Human Spirit

September 23, 2020 @ 6:00PM — 7:30PM

A special event for Houston Bird Week.

Nature, Health, and the Human Spirit image

Join us to connect with and celebrate the richness of the natural world.

There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.


The natural world has inspired humanity since pre-history. 35,000 year old paintings in near-forgotten caves depict rhinoceros and horses, while 21st century musical artists incorporate the sounds of birds, wind, and rain. Religious traditions celebrate and derive meaning from the natural world, while the lens of science focuses squarely on observing and understanding biological phenomenon. While the modern world often creates a rift between us and nature, we know its significance when we watch a sunset, listen to the wind in the trees, or become entranced by the buzz of cicadas on a hot summer night.

Join us for an evening of stories and exploration as we consider together how the natural world is intimately connected with the breadth of human experience, including physical, emotional, and spiritual health.